Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic presents Main Components of Home Decor

Home decor is an art. It is the game f creativity. If you are creative enough to think of the ways of decorating your home, you do not require any interior designer to design the ambiance for your home. People decorate their homes, offices, schools, rooms etc according to their own unique ideas. Some people specialize in them by studying the techniques by famous brands like Shabby Chic of decorating home and become interior designers. There is no specific way to set up your room. It depends upon your thinking. You can turn your room into a space ship if you are in love with space sciences or you can go to your dreamy wonderland of Disney if you are a real cartoon lover. You will require a number of thi8ngs to decorate your room according to your desire but there are some things that add a lot in changing the appearance of your place. Three of them are described below.


1    1 ) Furniture

This includes your bed, tables, mirrors, chairs even your bean bag. Furniture plays a vital role in changing the appearance of any place. It can help you create unique ambiance. You can use dark colored sharp edged furniture with bold designs to make a vampire inspired look of your room.

2     2 )Lights

Lights can do wonders when you think to custom design the room. You can add the lights to your own desired positions .moreover the way you light up your room will help you to create your own cool environment of room.


3      3)Paints

Colours are always amazing when it comes to home decor. They help you to live in your desired world by keeping you relax and calm. They have a surprising effect on your mood too and Shabby Chic promise you to provide nature colors. Human brain has a very interesting psychology for colours. For example yellow color is good for your digestive system so you can paint your kitchen yellow and enjoy the cool effect.